Here Are the Teams the Spurs Are Backing for NFL Wildcard Weekend

Philadelphia Eagles - Jalen Hurts
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San Antonio Spurs
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Lonnie Walker - Philadelphia Eagles (?)

9-8. 54. Fox. . Jan. 16, 2022. 13-4. 48. 1 p.m. ET

Researching the team Lonnie Walker roots for in the NFL was very tricky. On one hand, he's from Reading, Pennsylvania, where he played high school basketball and still has very strong ties. Then again, he attended the University of Miami so maybe he became a Dolphins fan along the way? His Twitter and Instagram showed no evidence of that though.

Then there was the time Lonnie swapped jerseys with star Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons when the Spurs visited the Mavericks.

Parsons was also born in Pennsylvania, however, and played at Penn State. Before that, he once played against Walker while he attended Harrisburg High School and Walker played for Reading.

I eventually landed on a verdict that Lonnie doesn't really care too much about sports beyond basketball, as he said himself during this interview for the Spurs' Twitter page. "I don't really watch too much sports, honestly," he stated.

This tweet from the Spurs' account made me land on the Eagles as Walker's team of choice ultimately, but I have a feeling he's one of the rare people in the world who would be fine with either the Cowboys or Eagles succeeding.

Walker never disputed the above tweet, so I'll just be going with that for the time being. While the Cowboys' most hated rival has one in their corner (kind of), this next Spur will be rooting against Dallas on Sunday as well.