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Here Are the Teams the Spurs Are Backing for NFL Wildcard Weekend

Philadelphia Eagles - Jalen Hurts
Philadelphia Eagles - Jalen Hurts / Tom Pennington/GettyImages
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Yes, the San Antonio Spurs will be playing on Saturday and Monday, but the eyes of most of the country will be on the NFL during Wild Card Weekend.

With the NFL adding a Monday night game to the playoffs, Super Wild Card Weekend will now feature two games on Saturday, three on Sunday, and one on Monday. In doing some research through the Spurs' 2021-22 roster, I learned that most of the team either don't actively root for an NFL team or simply don't care.

There will be a few Spurs who have a rooting interest in the games this weekend, however. While they'll be busy trying to get back on track during a seven-game homestand, their favorite teams will be battling to keep their seasons alive.

Going in order of the playoff schedule, let's get started.

56. . 4:30 pm ET. 10-7. NBC. Jan. 15, 2022. 10-7. 28

San Antonio Spurs
San Antonio Spurs Zach Collins / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

Zach Collins - Las Vegas Raiders

Born in Las Vegas in 1997, Zach Collins hasn't done much tweeting about the Raiders -- in fact, I don't see any tweets from him mentioning Derek Carr or even the team's name for that matter. I didn't even have him on this list at all since I couldn't find any evidence of allegiance to a team until he posted this on Thursday afternoon.

For all I know, he could be a casual fan or a diehard that just doesn't talk about it, but it's safe to say Collins will be pulling for the Raiders this weekend and beyond.

This next Spur's allegiance was even tougher to determine.