San Antonio Spurs: Could Roko Prkacin be a 2nd-round steal in the NBA Draft?

Roko Prkacin
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San Antonio Spurs
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A look at Roko Prkacin's defense

Much like the Spurs' first-round pick last year, Devin Vassell, Roko is a smart help defender. Although he doesn't offer as much in the defensive instinct area as Vassell (few do), his effort level is a big plus when it comes to making plays.

Roko's length enables him to contest shots in the post while also getting a hand up to shooters on the perimeter. While he has a tendency to gamble a bit with his on-ball defense, sometimes it pays off. Here, he pulls a Dejounte:

What could make Prkacin valuable on the Spurs is his ability to guard multiple positions on the floor. While he'll need to put on weight to battle some of the big men down low, he's certainly not a pushover in the paint as it is. He'll just need to get Big Body to give him some weight training tips.

Roko Prkacin's fit on the San Antonio Spurs

There's a lot to love about how Prkacin could fit on the Spurs. While many scouting reports say his shooting still needs some fine-tuning, he's still a statistically effective threat from downtown off of catch and shoots. At this point, San Antonio could use any potential shooting they could get, especially if said players can also defend decently.

Should DeMar DeRozan depart, that will leave the Spurs without its best playmaker, leaving guys like Derrick White, Dejounte Murray, and Lonnie Walker to carry that mantle. While it'll take time for him to get meaningful minutes under Coach Popovich, Roko could end up becoming an important playmaker as well.

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With the hype I've been seeing about Prkacin online lately, he might not still be available when San Antonio selects their second-round pick at 41. Based on what I've seen about his potential, I'd fully support a trade up to get a bit higher and secure the young Croatian. I don't think the Spurs would regret it.