San Antonio Spurs: Could Roko Prkacin be a 2nd-round steal in the NBA Draft?

Roko Prkacin
Roko Prkacin / Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
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San Antonio Spurs
Roko Prkacin / Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

A look at San Antonio Spurs prospect Roko Prkacin

When watching highlight reels of Prkacin, the first thing that jumps out to me is how much court he covers with his 6-8 frame and 7-foot wingspan. As a result, he's effective on both ends of the floor and is one of those guys that doesn't have to score to make an impact on a game.

Offensively, Prkacin is fun to watch in transition, as he has an almost Keldon-like tendency to barrel into traffic for tough finishes.

He also utilizes a variety of moves well to create his own shot whether on a semi-fast break or in the halfcourt. International players are evolving their games earlier and earlier in their careers, and Roko has been demonstrating that fully.

Another thing Prkacin does well on offense is moving without the ball. Here, he hands the ball off on the perimeter and then immediately cuts to the hoop for an alley-oop finish.

Prkacin has also demonstrated a polished post game at such a young age. At nearly 6-9, he's comfortable with the old-school style of backing his man down and finishing with a sweeping hook or layup at the rim. Here, Roko's explosiveness shines as the defender assumes a post-up is coming only to be left in the dust after a baseline spin move.

Next up, what does Roko offer defensively, and how would he fit on the San Antonio Spurs?