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Spurs: The Ripple effects of a trade for Ben Simmons

By Jared Greenspan
Ben Simmons, Jakob Poeltl, Derrick White
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Ripple 2: Limited, Predictable Coaching Schemes

On a team this deep and selfless, the Spurs should abandon the cliche "scoring option 1, option 2" model and really take what the defense gives them. This trade would do the opposite since Simmons needs to play in a five-out system where everyone is standing around the perimeter so he can drive, post or cut.

Part of this is because of his shooting limitations, and part of this is because this is how great players like Luka Doncic and LeBron James operate, and Simmons has those same opportunities. The thing is, those other guys are objectively substantially better offensive players than Simmons and also they don't need operate like that at all times. Look no further than Doncic torching teams all summer in the Olympics with more off-ball play than he has done in his NBA career.

This would also limit the team's defensive flexibility because, although Simmons is likely the NBA's most versatile defender, getting rid of Dejounte and Poeltl in addition to other solid defenders means all teams would have to do is go at one of the four players Simmons is not guarding.

Vassell and others would likely cushion the blow, but it would hardly be the same as having two to four above-average defenders on the floor at all times like the Spurs currently do.

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In the end, a trade for Ben Simmons would bring star power to the Spurs but cost way more than just a few key guys.