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San Antonio Spurs: Regrading the last 7 NBA Draft picks

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San Antonio Spurs 2018 NBA Draft - Lonnie Walker

Lonnie Walker was selected 18th overall in the 2018 NBA Draft and is among the most talented players on the team. Despite that, he's yet to fully live up to his potential even though he's shown the ability to score, shoot, and pass.

For Walker to begin to live up to expectations, he'll have to work on his consistency next season, where he's expected to play a significant role ahead of his restricted free agency. He'll also have to work on being more assertive and finishing through contact or risk underwhelming in the most important season in his career.

Were he to live up to his potential, however, he has both the skill and athleticism needed to be an above-average player in the NBA.

Next season could go either way for Walker. Still, I believe Walker was the right draft selection by the Spurs. After all, none of the players selected after him are any better and none appear to have as high of a ceiling as Walker. Therefore, I feel that the decision to draft Walker was the correct one.

Grade: B