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San Antonio Spurs: Should the team re-sign Gorgui Dieng?

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Gorgui Dieng - San Antonio Spurs v Utah Jazz
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Why the San Antonio Spurs won’t re-sign Dieng

San Antonio will have nearly $50 million in cap space to spend, and while that's more than enough to re-sign Dieng, he doesn't figure to be a high priority. Instead, the Spurs could have their sights set on the likes of Markkanen and Collins or, in the event they fail, pivot to other options like a potential sign and trade for DeMar DeRozan.

With Dieng likely to be put on the back burner, he could very well take an offer from a team that prioritizes him more. Considering that he can both space the floor and protect the basket, there figure to be at least a few teams interested in making him their backup center. While Dieng is a solid fit for that role, were he to be re-signed, he'd likely have competition for it. After all, the Spurs already have Drew Eubanks under contract for two more seasons, who is more than worthy of that role.

Given Eubanks' play last season and his steady improvement, there is no guarantee that Dieng could beat him out for backup center next season, were he to return. San Antonio did try to split the available backup center minutes between Dieng and Eubanks this past season, so both could be utilized.

However, with Poeltl likely playing more minutes next season, there may be fewer minutes to go around, forcing San Antonio to possibly decide between Dieng or Eubanks. Consequently, Dieng may decide to move on, rather than stay and compete for a smaller role.