Ranking Manu Ginobili's 10 most iconic plays of all time

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5. Officials miss a goaltend call, so Manu calmly buries a huge three

One of the Spurs' most underrated series wins came in the 2014 Western Conference Finals. At the time, Tim Duncan was on his last legs at age 37, Manu Ginobili was 36, and Tony Parker was 31. Meanwhile, the power pair of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook was a combined 50 (25 years old each) and in the prime of their career.

Still, a 117-89 Game 5 win with the help of Manu Ginobili's 19 points set up for a potential closeout game for the Spurs on the road. The game was tied at 97 with 47 seconds left when Manu received a beautiful pass from Boris Diaw in the lane and quickly put the ball off the glass. What followed was a clear goaltend by Serge Ibaka that was missed by the officiating crew.

To make matters worse, Durant than scored on the other end to give the Thunder a two-point lead with 32 seconds remaining. What came next was a perfect summation of Manu's career. Most athletes would be livid and probably too rattled by having such a clutch basket taken away from them in such a huge moment to recover.

Instead, Ginobili settled in, buried a three, and then sank another free throw that ultimately led to an overtime session.

While this shot wasn't a game-winner, what it represents about Manu makes this a top five entry for me.

4. Suns can't prevent Manu from going left in double-OT thriller

By the time the 2008 NBA Playoffs came around, the Spurs had knocked the Phoenix Suns out of the postseason in three of the previous five years. Meeting in the first round this time, Steve Nash and company seemed more ready than ever to get revenge, taking a 9-point lead at the AT&T Center with nine and a half minutes remaining.

The duo of Tim Duncan and Tony Parker then mounted a furious comeback to send the game into overtime, with The Big Fundamental then keeping the Spurs afloat in the overtime period as well. When double overtime tipped off, Manu Ginobili decided he had enough. Ginobili scored six points in the first three and a half minutes and ended up with the ball in his hands with the shot clock off and a tie game.

Everyone in the building knew Manu was going to try driving left. The thing about that is no one could stop it anyway.

Ginobili's huge layup prevented the Suns from gathering momentum in the series, and the Spurs eventually closed Phoenix out in five games.