Ranking Manu Ginobili's 10 most iconic plays of all time

Manu Ginobili
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9. Manu makes two game-winning plays back-to-back

Funny enough, you only have to fast forward a single day to get to the second play on this countdown. On the second night of a back-to-back in the high altitude of Denver, the Spurs had given up 31 points to Carmelo Anthony and found themselves down 112-11 with 7.1 seconds left in the game.

As they did the night before, the Spurs put the ball in Manu's hands once again. Even though George Karl probably sensed the play and sent a swarm to Ginobili on the left side of the floor, he was still able to find a way to get the ball into the hoop with a miraculous, double-bank leaner.

As you're about to see, his work was far from done, as Denver had one last shot to win it with 4.2 seconds left. What followed was Manu's third game-winning play in about 24 hours.

From the audacity of Manu trying to draw a charge in this situation to the funny reactions of many involved, this was a special moment.

8. Manu Ginobili climbs Mount Ming

As you'll see later on in this countdown, Manu Ginobili had many powerful poster dunks throughout his career. However, none were as big (at least physically) as the time he dunked over 7-6 Houston Rockets center Yao Ming.

In an early-season meeting with their division rival, the Spurs were trying to mount a comeback in Houston when Ming tried to throw an outlet pass off a missed San Antonio shot. What happened next surprised even Manu himself.

"It was just a coincidence," said Manu. "He threw a bad pass and I said, 'ok, I'm going for it. we'll see what happens.' I think I stepped on him to go higher. I don't know what happened, but I couldn't believe it."