Ranking Manu Ginobili's 10 most iconic plays of all time

Manu Ginobili
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No matter where Manu Ginobili was playing during his 23-year professional basketball career, his will to win always shined through, and that goes well beyond his magnificent run with the San Antonio Spurs.

From his debut in an Argentine basketball league in 1995 all the way to his NBA retirement in 2018, the one-of-a-kind star was a winner everywhere he went, both individually and as part of impressive teams. The result was a career full of accolades so widespread across the globe that you have to scroll your mouse wheel about six times to get through them all.

Along the way, Manu gained millions of fans across the globe, thrilled audiences everywhere on a nightly basis, and affected many San Antonians, myself included, on a personal level. To tip off Manu Ginobili Week in honor of his Hall of Fame induction, I scanned the archives for the 10 plays that I felt most embodied the spectacular career of the legend.

10. Manu hits the only game-winning buzzerbeater of his NBA career

You might be thinking to yourself, "there's no way Manu Ginobili only had one game-winning buzzerbeater in his NBA career," but it's true. While you might already have some running through your mind, every huge shot Manu Ginobili hit to end games actually came some time left on the clock. All but this one, at least.

Boasting a ridiculous 20-3 record to start the 2010-11 season, the Spurs hosted the Milwaukee Bucks in a game that ended up going down to the wire despite the opponent behind a sub-.500 team at the time.

After he'd just given San Antonio a 90-87 lead with 92 seconds left, the game was tied with less than 10 seconds remaining. Gregg Popovich decided to go with the man who'd already scored 23 points on the night -- smart man, that Pop.

Ginobili ended the night with 26 points, six boards, four assists, and a satisfying side-step buzzerbeater.