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SA Spurs: Ranking who will emerge as leading scorer in 2022

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San Antonio Spurs Option 3: Keldon Johnson

There's a reason Keldon Johnson went from barely seeing the floor in San Antonio in his rookie season to a full-time starter. The 21-year-old's meteoric rise led to him being selected to help train Team USA for the Tokyo Olympics, which ultimately led to a spot on the main team and a gold medal.

Fresh off an unexpected and unforgettable summer, Johnson will suddenly have the expectation of being a leader on the team in just his third season. The good news for Keldon? Most of the weapons are already there. He's got an NBA body, an impressive ability to finish around the basket, and an unmatched hustle motor. That said, there are still some things he'll need to do to really take the next step in his career.

As a starter through 67 games last season, Keldon's 33.1 percent shooting from downtown was a big factor in the Spurs ending up as one of the least-accurate outside shooting teams in the NBA. Johnson made just 60 of his 181 attempts, which often led to teams leaving him wide-open on the perimeter and closing off driving lines, which are his bread and butter.

There are several ways Johnson can open the floor back up for himself. If he develops any combination of a mid-range shot, floater, or reliable 3-pointer, I could easily see him being the top scorer for this ballclub.

Fortunately, Johnson showed some signs of a smoother-looking perimeter shot in his time with Team USA, particularly from the corners. Let's hope that's here to stay.