Spurs: Ranking Every Game-winning Buzzerbeater Since 2000

San Antonio Spurs Roger Mason Jr.
San Antonio Spurs Roger Mason Jr. / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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San Antonio Spurs
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2. Tim Duncan Outclasses The Mailman From the Baseline (2003)

Early in his path to become the greatest power forward ever, Tim Duncan showed Karl Malone he was here to stay. The Spurs and Jazz had similar records when they met at the Delta Center in January 2003, and they played each other to a 90-89 game with 6.5 seconds left after Scott Padgett's free throw gave Utah the lead.

Working their way to a post-up with five seconds remaining, the Spurs gave Duncan the ball with the fate of the game on the line. With a subtle fake inside and a turnaround jumper in Malone's face, he sent the Utah crowd home disappointed and nailed the first of three game-winning buzzerbeaters in his career. It was the only such shot he made with the Spurs down on the scoreboard at the time.

Given how old this game is, I had a hard time tracking a good quality replay down, but you can watch an extremely pixelated version of the shot by swiping five times through this Instagram post from nobodytouchesduncan.

San Antonio Spurs
San Antonio Spurs Roger Mason Jr. / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

1. Roger Mason Plays The Grinch in Phoenix (2008)

It might surprise you that one of the few non-Big-Three game-winners tops my list, but there's just so much to love about this one. First of all, it was undoubtedly yet another entry into the diaries of many Suns fans about why they hated the Spurs so much in the 2000s.

San Antonio had already defeated Phoenix in the playoffs in 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2008 and was the sole reason they never even sniffed the NBA Finals in that decade. After the Spurs had knocked out the Suns in two straight postseasons, the league made the right call by featuring them on Christmas Day the following year. What followed was one of the most classic moments in Spurs' history.

With all of the Big Three covered tightly, Tony Parker drove the lane with the Spurs down by two and only a few seconds left in the game. His pass to the corner then allowed Roger Mason to send the Phoenix Suns crowd home upset once again.

It was just Mason's third basket of the game, but his corner triple gave San Antonio a Merry Christmas while also demoralizing Phoenix one more time.

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Since entering the NBA, the Spurs have suffered 26 losses at the buzzer while winning 23 on game-winning buzzerbeaters. With their last one coming in 2019, it's about time they add another one soon.