San Antonio Spurs: Ranking All 6 NBA Finals Opponents

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San Antonio Spurs
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5. New York Knicks - 1999

There's a reason there's only been one eighth seed ever to make the NBA Finals in league history. The 1999 Knicks had the third-worst offense in the league that season but used defense, toughness, and some luck to find their way onto the biggest stage.

In fact, if Allan Houston's last-second shot in the first round of the playoffs against the Heat had rolled out, they'd have been out before their miracle run even began.

Due to the lockout shortening the season to just 50 games, New York and San Antonio hadn't even met in 1999 until they saw each other in the Finals. If the Knicks thought they had a tough defense, they had a rude awakening when they saw the Silver and Black across the court.

After stifling opponents to an NBA-best 40.1% shooting during the season, the Spurs had a staggering 93.1 defensive rating to beat the Knicks in five.

The Finals might've lasted a little longer if Patrick Ewing had been available, but overall, the Spurs faced more talented teams in their title runs.