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Ranking the 5 Youngest Spurs on the Meteoric Rise Scale

Josh Primo Devin Vassell
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The 2021-22 San Antonio Spurs are young. I'm talking, really young. Like, multiple-guys-were-born-after-their-first-title young. Yup, six players on the current roster were born after June 1999. Besides making me feel old, that's an exciting fact for the team's future.

Of course, not all six of those guys are going to become stars, and maybe none of them will truly get there. Still, anything can happen, especially with San Antonio's rich history of player development. While Kawhi Leonards don't grow on trees, they also don't become who they are without some refining.

While the nucleus of the Spurs will likely be Dejounte Murray and Derrick White for the present, it's time to look at the future to see just who has the most promise to become a real force in the NBA. Taking the five youngest players on the roster, I looked into my crystal ball to see how likely it is for each to do just that.

Factoring in things like raw talent, coachability, marketability, basketball intelligence, and my own personal feelings, I ranked them on my meteoric rise scale. This scale shows who has the potential to suddenly make a huge leap in the league that's quicker than expected.

From lowest on the scale to highest, here's how it shook out.