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Spurs: Ranking 5 Worst Rotation Players in Recent Memory

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4. Marco Belinelli

It was a tale of two stints for Marco Belinelli. The first stint saw him emerge as a key rotation player for the Spurs, particularly during the 2013-14 championship season. The second stint didn't go quite as well.

Belinelli's shot selection became an issue even more once he stopped hitting ridiculous shots. He hit just 39.2 % of his shots during the 2019-20 season and his poor shooting, coupled with his dreadful defense, made him virtually unplayable.

Of course, he continued to play and, ironically, played himself out of the NBA considering that was his final season in the league. Fortunately, Belinelli will always be remembered for his play during the championship season, but the second time around wasn't nearly as successful.

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3. Jeff Ayres

Jeff Ayres, like Belinelli, was also a member of the 2014 Spurs title team but was far less impactful. He served as the team's backup center that season but was eventually replaced by Aron Baynes after playing poorly. To his credit, Ayres did have some good attributes, including being a good passer and rebounder and an aggressive and athletic finisher.

Despite that, Ayres also had a big flaw in his game. He had quite possibly the worst hands of any NBA player that I've ever seen. Think I'm being dramatic? During the 13-14 season, Ayres had a turnover percentage of 24.1%, and 19.1% in the 14-15 season.

That means that he essentially coughed the ball up one out of every four or five times he touched the ball. Yikes. Had he simply had better hands, he actually might've been a decent role player, but he wasn't re-signed and continued his career with the LA Clippers for just 17 more games before going overseas.