San Antonio Spurs: Ranking 5 Southwest teams on the Disaster Scale

DeMar DeRozan, Luka Doncic
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San Antonio Spurs
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4. New Orleans Pelicans

The New Orleans Pelicans' recent decision to part ways with Stan Van Gundy after just one season with the team isn't even the biggest concern in the Big Easy right now. Despite having a roster that should easily be a playoff seed year in and year out, the Pelicans are now in a three-year postseason drought.

Beyond basketball, their front office has had some issues as well, one of which being J.J. Redick publicly calling them out on his Old Man and the Three podcast, saying:

“Truthfully… I think I was a little naive in thinking I was in year 15 and I attempted to do things right throughout my career. But in terms of this front office, it’s not something where I would expect the agents who worked on this with me to ever trust that front office again.”

While letting go of Van Gundy should help with the reported tension the team was having with their direction, reports about Zion Williamson's family certainly aren't helping matters either.

Describing the Pelicans as "a heap of dysfunction", The Athletic recently wrote (subscription required) about how Zion's family is unhappy with the organization, which could seep into his own attitude toward the team.

The Pelicans might have a wealth of on-court talent, but they won't be going anywhere without some serious organizational renovations.

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