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San Antonio Spurs: Ranking the 5 best pure shooters

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4. Joe Wieskamp

I know I just said Devin Vassell shot the ball better in college than Joe Wieskamp, but it's really hard to ignore a 46.2% season from the 3-point line. Even though the college 3-point line is three feet closer than that of the NBA, making 73-of-158 is still quite a feat. In fact, only the top two guys on this list have ever had a better 3-point shooting season in college, which I'll get into later.

Although there's considerably less data for Wieskamp than the others (I only have college 3-point shooting and true shooting to run with), I'm letting recency bias play a part here. I wouldn't have a problem interchanging Vassell and Wieskamp, though.

At Iowa, Wieskamp shot over 42% from downtown in two of his three seasons, reaching that impressive 46.2% mark in his final year. His true shooting percentage of 60.1 in college also edged out Devin's 57.9 mark at Florida State.

Wieskamp wasn't very impressive in the Summer League games for the Spurs, especially when it comes to his advertised skill of burying deep balls. That's a small sample size, though, in the grand scheme of things.

If Joe can improve his ability to get open and move without the ball for open shots, we might just see a lot of sniping from him in Austin this year.