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Spurs: Ranking All 43 Players from Champion Playoff Rosters

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5. Bruce Bowen

Several within the Spurs organization have stated they'd have three fewer championships without Bruce Bowen. Frankly, they're right. Thankfully, Bowen's sustained defensive excellence allowed San Antonio to become a dynasty instead of settling for being the Houston Rockets.

You won't find many eye-popping stats from Bowen overall (besides his 27 points against L.A. in '03), but what he took away from opponents on a daily basis was invaluable.

On top of being one of the greatest lockdown defenders the NBA has ever seen, Bruce also had these 3-point shooting percentages in championship postseasons:

2003 - 43.8%
2005 - 43.3%
2007 - 44.6%

There's a reason Bowen made eight All-Defensive Teams and now has a jersey hanging proudly in San Antonio.

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4. David Robinson

The 1999 San Antonio Spurs allowed just 81.2 points per game in the playoffs. Yup -- eighty, one, point, two. On top of that, they allowed their opponents to shoot just 39.9% from the field in the postseason. All of these numbers are flat-out ridiculous, and a big reason for them was David Robinson.

The Twin Towers of Robinson and Duncan were simply impossible to score on, as the Spurs' 15-2 postseason record that year showed. The Admiral averaged 2.4 blocks in the postseason along with his 15.6 points and 10 rebounds per game. With Duncan sidelined the next playoffs, he bumped those averages up to 3.0, 23.5, and 13.8.

The 2003 Championship assured Robinson and Steve Kerr, both 37 years old, would go out on top of the NBA world, and it couldn't have happened to a more deserving couple of guys.