Spurs: Ranking 3 likely starting point guards for 2022-23

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The San Antonio Spurs have enjoyed consistently great play at the point guard position for the last several years with Dejounte Murray at the peak of his powers. After Tony Parker handed him the keys in 2018, it was a wonderfully smooth transition that allowed the Spurs' floor general to flourish and winning basketball to be cultivated.

But with that reality now dissolved, the Silver and Black will look for someone else to step in and fill the role of starting point guard. There's no doubt it will be incredibly difficult to fill the hole left behind by Murray. His 2021-22 All-Star season ranks among some of the best campaigns by any point guard in Spurs history.

But the good news is that there's no shortage of options for a replacement in San Antonio. The team has drafted well and planned for the future, ensuring that the departure of their former leader won't doom them in the long term. Let's take a look at the most likely candidates for the Spurs' starting point guard next season.

3. Blake Wesley

The Spurs' 25th overall selection in the draft this year, Blake Wesley is a dynamic guard that will begin his time as a pro after just one year in college. Becoming the first ever one-and-done player in the history of Notre Dame's basketball program, Wesley will be able to fill in and replace some of the things the Spurs lost with Dejounte Murray's departure.

As a quick player with excellent offensive instincts, Wesley gets by defenders with ease while exhibiting an uncommon touch around the rim. He enters the NBA with three-level scoring ability and a sharp defensive IQ. He's still a little raw, but there's no question the talent is there.

While it's not very likely he'll become the Spurs' starting point guard in his rookie season, he'll have the chance to show he deserves more minutes right away. His scoring ability may lend himself to operating more as a combo guard than a facilitator, but with his skill level, the sky is the limit.