Spurs: Ranking 3 Best Ways to Move Thaddeus Young

Gregg Popovich, Thaddeus Young
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2. Not Great, But It's Something: Trade Thaddeus to a Non-contender

I can't see the Spurs doing this, but all bases must be covered. Whether it be in a three-team deal or directly, San Antonio might be approached with a way to net something in return for Young from a non-contender. In that case, they'd be doing a disservice to Thaddeus, which isn't something Coach Popovich and the front office usually do (and yes, the Kawhi Leonard situation was very different).

In a scenario like this one, the Spurs would probably still want a pick or two included, which should be enough to part ways with their coveted veteran.

"Like any player, you know it's a business," Popovich said about Young's limited minutes before a recent game against the Utah Jazz. "It's your job to stay ready. Of course, he would rather play more minutes than he's playing, but we're a young team and we're trying to develop a lot of guys. He understands that. He doesn't like that, but he's still a great teammate because he's a pro."

Not many players would be this understanding and patient this late in their career, and the Spurs are the kind of organization that would rather opt for option three on this list instead of this one, even if it benefits them the least in the long run.