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San Antonio Spurs: Ranking the team's off-season moves

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6. Spurs signing Zack Collins to a three-year deal

The decision to sign Zach Collins to a 3-year deal worth $22 million surely made fans scratch their heads. However, the contract is actually less straightforward than it appears. Only $10.6 million is guaranteed over two seasons and, were he to fail to impress or stay healthy, the Spurs could cut him after next season. 

Health is a big issue with Collins, though he's an undeniably talented big and is just 23 years old. Therefore, he could theoretically carve out a nice role in San Antonio. If he doesn't, however, he'll actually cost the Spurs very little to waive. In the end, he's a low-risk, high-reward acquisition for the Spurs.

5. The Spurs signing Jock Landale

Jock Landale’s signing for the minimum could prove to be a fantastic value signing. The 6-10 Australian center is a sharpshooting big who can also block shots and rebound.

Landale will provide the team with a stretch five option and has a chance to beat out Drew Eubanks for backup center next season. Were he to do so, the Spurs would have signed a rotation player for less than $1 million, making it a good move. Even beyond that, some of us think that Landale could be the biggest steal of free agency.