Would the Spurs pursuing Zach LaVine in free agency be a mistake?

Gregg Popovich, Zach LaVine
Gregg Popovich, Zach LaVine / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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San Antonio Spurs guard Dejounte Murray recently got fans excited by apparently recruiting Chicago Bulls All-Star Zach LaVine, who's set to become a free agent this summer. That has led to many fans hoping that the Spurs will pursue him this summer. But there's no guarantee that that will happen, which could put the team in an awkward spot.

While Murray recruiting other All-Stars is obviously a good thing, what happens if San Antonio doesn't think much of LaVine as a player? Or, maybe they do but aren't exactly excited to pay him nearly $150 million over four years? Is he worth that amount? Probably not, but he’s still a terrific player who's turned his career around since joining the Chicago Bulls. 

In five seasons with the Bulls, he's transformed himself into one of the best scorers in the NBA, averaging an eye-popping 24.4 points on a terrific 57.8% true shooting percentage. For comparison, former Spur and current teammate of LaVine’s, DeMar DeRozan, averaged 21.6 points on a 57.6 true shooting percentage over three seasons in San Antonio.

Unlike DeRozan, LaVine is a terrific 3-point shooter, knocking down 38.9% of his 7.1 attempts. That alone makes him valuable to most teams, San Antonio included. The Spurs ranked just 19th in offensive rating, 25th in 3-point attempts, and 18th in 3-point percentage. Adding LaVine would help address their shooting issues as well as provide a big scoring boost overall. 

Let's dive into how LaVine's game would fit in San Antonio's system.