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San Antonio Spurs: Pros and cons of re-signing DeMar DeRozan

DeMar DeRozan - San Antonio Spurs v Indiana Pacers
DeMar DeRozan - San Antonio Spurs v Indiana Pacers / Dylan Buell/Getty Images
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DeMar DeRozan - San Antonio Spurs v Indiana Pacers / Dylan Buell/Getty Images

San Antonio Spurs: The cons of re-signing DeRozan (continued)

Floor Spacing

While DeRozan's scoring and play-making have certainly helped the Spurs, his lack of floor spacing has clearly hindered the team's offense. Without a reliable three-point shot, teams essentially ignore DeRozan when the ball isn't in his hands.

To counter the lack of spacing, he's often been paired with good shooters that also often happen to be poor defenders. This has compounded the Spurs' defensive issues while still causing them to rank in the bottom three in three-point attempts in each of the past three seasons, which is a deadly combination in the modern NBA.

The Spurs simply aren't able to take a high volume of threes when DeRozan takes so few of them, particularly when he is paired with a traditional center and two other low-volume three-point shooters in the starting lineup.


DeRozan will enter free agency as one of the best players available and could as get as much as $30 million a season in a new deal. Re-signing DeRozan on a short-term deal does make some sense for the Spurs considering that the offense might struggle in his absence.

However, paying DeRozan up to $30 million a season over three or four years is too costly for the Spurs to seriously consider. Ultimately, it seems far more likely than not that DeRozan will leave in free agency so as to garner a bigger paycheck.

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Letting DeRozan leave in free agency without the Spurs receiving any assets for their best player would be a disappointment. That said, it does open up opportunities for younger players already on the roster to take on more significant roles. It would also allow San Antonio to reshape the roster in free agency, perhaps building a better-fitting team in the process.