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San Antonio Spurs: Pros and cons of re-signing DeMar DeRozan

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San Antonio Spurs: The pros of re-signing DeRozan

Scoring and playmaking

Since joining the Spurs, prior to the 2018-2019 season, DeRozan has unquestionably made an impact with his scoring. He's averaged an impressive 21.6 points per game in that span while simultaneously becoming much more efficient, posting a true shooting percentage of 57.3%.

DeRozan also made team history with the Spurs, becoming only the fourth Spur ever to average 20 points per game in three consecutive seasons. Additionally, DeRozan is among a select few players who have averaged 20 points per game in eight straight seasons.

While DeRozan has earned a reputation as a talented scorer, he has also morphed into an impressive playmaker. In each of the past four seasons, he’s averaged at least 5 assists per game while maintaining a surprisingly low turnover rate. This season, DeRozan averaged a career-high 6.9 assist while only turning the ball over 2 times per game. It's a testament to just how effective he is with the ball in his hands.


DeRozan has proven himself to be incredibly durable since entering the league in 2009. DeRozan has missed five games or fewer in nine of his eleven seasons while also averaging 34.1 minutes per game. In fact, many of the games that he missed as a Spur were either for rest or for personal reasons and not due to any actual injury.

The value of having a player of DeRozan's caliber almost always available and ready to play big minutes can't be understated. While having DeRozan ready to play didn't always result in a win, it did provide San Antonio with a foundation that kept them competitive. Had it not been for his durability, the Spurs likely wouldn't have come close to making the playoffs each of the last two seasons.


DeRozan spent the first nine seasons of his career in Toronto and might've retired a Raptor had he not been the centerpiece of a trade involving former Spur Kawhi Leonard. While it's been rumored that he may want to leave in free agency, publicly, DeRozan has been nothing but loyal to the Spurs.

Were he to leave in free agency, he would have done so after playing out the duration of his deal and without having demanded a trade, unlike Leonard. After having their best player force his way off the team, DeRozan's professionalism and loyalty are something that the Spurs franchise and its fans needed more than words can state.