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San Antonio Spurs: Primo may mark beginning of full rebuild

Joshua Primo - Alabama v Kentucky
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This pick points to the San Antonio Spurs committing to a rebuild

Even with Primo's upside and underrated IQ, though, the fact remains that he's another guard entering a very guard-heavy roster. The selection was a move that many clearly were not expecting, and I think it has some implications for the rest of the roster.

Initially, this tells me that the Spurs are likely finally dedicating themselves to a full rebuild. The team has been in a bit of limbo for the past few seasons, where they aren't one of the worst teams in the league but also have no real hopes for deep playoff runs. This has led to two late-lottery picks in a row in the past two drafts.

Primo is the youngest in his draft class and now easily the youngest player on the current Spurs roster. The pick appears to be entirely based on long-term upside and versatility, which is pretty on-brand for the team considering their last four or so draft picks. This could have implications for some of the older members of the roster.

More specifically, if I were one of the Spurs' older guards, I would be growing very concerned about my future with the team. I think Derrick White in particular may want to begin considering the possibility of being moved in the near future. Compared to Primo, White is nearly nine years older, about an inch shorter, and has a smaller wingspan. This understandably raises some questions about how Primo's timeline matches with the rest of the team's, and Brian Wright came up with this response:

This statement comes off as a bit crass to me, but I interpret this to mean that Primo's timeline is the timeline for the team. If the Spurs are confident about his development enough to reach this far on him, I would not be surprised if that means that they think he'll turn out better than one or several of the current roster's guards.

Ultimately, while I am still far from being sold on this pick with so many other quality players available, that should not take away from the fact that the upside is there with Primo. If he is able to continue building strength and increasing his already impressive basketball IQ, then I don't see what could stop him from becoming a very good player for the Spurs within the next few years.

Understanding how good of a player Primo is will take patience, Spurs fans, but this could turn out to be a much better pick than many currently expect.