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San Antonio Spurs: Primo may mark beginning of full rebuild

Joshua Primo - Alabama v Kentucky
Joshua Primo - Alabama v Kentucky / Andy Lyons/Getty Images
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The San Antonio Spurs may value Primo's supremely underrated basketball IQ

Just a few days ago, ESPN and Mike Schmitz released one of their draft scouting film sessions with Primo, and the video is an absolute must-watch for Spurs fans. From a personal standpoint, watching this made me far more comfortable with the pick than when it first occurred.

Coming into the draft, Primo's main draws were his shooting, scoring potential, and defensive upside. What his film session shows though, which may have gone tremendously underrated, is his general IQ and knowledge of the game. If you've seen these videos before, then you know that part of each film session is dedicated to analyzing bad plays made by the player being interviewed.

When Schmitz asks the player what they could have done better in any given circumstance, he'll often hint them toward the answer if he doesn't get the response he's looking for. This is a very noticeable pattern that I've come to recognize as I've watched more and more of these interviews from Schmitz.

What struck me about Primo's film session, though, is just how little Schmitz was forced to drop those hints. It was abundantly clear that Primo knew what he had done wrong the majority of the time and that he took those mistakes as teachable moments. There were even a couple of occasions in the video when Schmitz visually cracked a smile as Primo was explaining himself and noted that he brought up a good point.

Even if Primo did make some mistakes on the court, seeing that he already knows what he could have done better is a very encouraging sign given how young he still is.