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San Antonio Spurs: Predicting 3 biggest rivals in 2021-2022

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San Antonio Spurs third biggest rival: Los Angeles Lakers

Nothing will have Spurs fans thinking of the old days quite like the Spurs sticking it to the Los Angeles Lakers. This past season, the Spurs won only one of their three matchups against the Lakers, and I think they'll look to dramatically improve that record this year.

While the Lakers and LeBron James were able to secure another championship in 2020, they fell far short of that mark during these past playoffs as injuries began to get the best of them. After seeing those issues last season, and considering that James isn't getting any younger, the Lakers are now reportedly worried that the team's window to win is shorter than originally thought.

The Lakers mightily struggled this past year and will look to return to normalcy this year with a reloaded roster that now includes Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, and Dwight Howard. While the average age of the team is now nearly 32 years old, it would be a mistake for the Spurs to write the team off early on.

Ultimately, both the Spurs and the Lakers will have good reason to want to win their games against one another. The young Spurs players will be looking to prove that the long-standing rivalry between the two teams isn't one-sided, and the Lakers will be looking to prove that age is just a number. The two teams will face off on October 26, November 14, December 23, and March 7.