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Which first-year Spurs player impressed most in the preseason?

Doug McDermott
Doug McDermott / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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Doug McDermott / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

The "I like what I'm seeing" Tier

It's unfortunate that Jock Landale had to be benched for the last two games after a hit to the head because he was playing pretty well in the preseason. While he showed some signs that he'll need time to adapt to the NBA (seven turnovers in 33 minutes), he also showed off his basketball IQ right from the outset.

Landale offers the Spurs a big that can spread the floor with 3-point shooting while also being a guy that can run the floor. That's a perfect skill set for this group, and I wouldn't be surprised if he carved out a bigger role for himself this season.

Making 9-of-21 threes, Doug McDermott looked more comfortable on the court with each passing game. Beyond just shooting from the outside, he showed off his cutting ability, which often resulted in easy buckets off feeds from his teammates.

The Spurs will need to be wary of pairing McDermott and Bryn Forbes together for defensive purposes (as they did on Friday), but he should be a productive starting forward this season.

San Antonio Spurs
Joshua Primo / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages


I'd like to begin this entry with a simple video clip.

Even though his time was limited in his five preseason games, Joshua Primo seemed to show us something new every time he was on the court. Whether it was an interior block, a nifty pass to a cutter, or the Hardenesque thing he did above, Primo was electric.

Overall, Primo shot 12-for-19 from the field, 5-for-10 from downtown, and showcased solid defense in the preseason. He also showed a swagger you don't often see from Spurs, let alone someone who's 18 years old.

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I have a feeling many Spurs fans will riot of Joshua spends too long in Austin, which is a very real possibility, and I'm starting to think they could have a point in doing so. However his immediate career pans out, it's beginning to look like Brian Wright knew exactly what he was doing in drafting the kid.