San Antonio Spurs: Pass or pursue 10 role player free agents

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3. Doug McDermott - SF/PF, Indiana Pacers

In addition to pure shooters, the Spurs are in need of someone who can put the ball on the floor on closeouts. Last season, Doug McDermott did plenty of that to take advantage of guys overplaying him on the perimeter.

On top of shooting 38.8 percent from beyond the arc, McDermott blew his previous field goal percentage marks out of the water this season:

2017-18: 47.8%
2018-19: 49.1%
2019-20: 48.8%
2020-21: 53.2%

As Simon Smith at Hoops Habit pointed out a few days ago, "among the 16 players who had at least 100 hand-off possessions, McDermott ranked behind only Stephen Curry and Joe Harris with 1.10 points per possession."

The Spurs already have a few guys who can put the ball on the floor, but only Lonnie Walker and Derrick White can do that well while also being deadly from the 3-point line. McDermott would add another such player in the mix, provided his contract season wasn't a fluke.

Doug made $7.3 million last season and is unrestricted. The Spurs would be wise to go after the 29-year-old.

Verdict: Pursue