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Spurs, Pacers could benefit from desperate Lakers with this Westbrook trade

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The Spurs and Lakers could agree to a modified deal

If the Lakers were to re-sign Richardson, they would still have around $25 million to work with but would have to build out the rest of their roster with only seven players on it. They may be fine with that, or they may have bigger plans for free agency. I think it's the latter, and, as a result, I think that they'd be the ones to say no to such a deal.

While Los Angeles may say no to this potential deal, that doesn't preclude them from still making one with the Spurs. A smaller deal with Richardson being moved for Lonnie Walker and Kendrick Nunn and a 2027 first might be an option. Or, perhaps a larger deal that includes Jakob Poeltl, Richardson, and McDermott. That deal might appear similar to the aforementioned three-team trade, but Poeltl's inclusion would help them shore up an already good defense and fill a position of need.

He'd also likely make much less than the $19.3 million Hield will make next season if he re-signs with the Lakers. It's a thought, but it will ultimately come down to what the Lakers want to do.

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Fortunately, the Spurs are in a position to benefit no matter what they decide since they have both the players and the financial flexibility needed to make a trade happen.