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Spurs, Pacers could benefit from desperate Lakers with this Westbrook trade

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The Lakers can load up on shooters but must give up assets

In this hypothetical trade, the Spurs would acquire Russell Westbrook plus the Lakers' 2029 first-round pick (top-three protected). Additionally, the Pacers would receive the Lakers' 2027 first (top-eight protected) and a top-55 protected second from the Spurs. Meanwhile, the Lakers would get Doug McDermott, Josh Richardson, Daniel Theis, and Buddy Hield.

A three-team trade means three possible "no's," which could complicate things. For the Spurs, trading McDermott and Richardson for a 2029 top-three protected pick is a good return, but moving them separately could net the team a bigger and more immediate one. Richardson should absolutely be worth a first-round pick on his own while McDermott is more borderline.

McDermott has another year left on his contract, and contending teams may not want to be locked into paying him $13.7 million next season while having to give up a first-rounder for the privilege. Still, the Spurs could take back a middling contract with another year remaining, a la Romeo Langford, to offset the cost and encourage a team to give up a pick.

Then again, it appears that the Spurs value selections that are far out and have light protections. Think of the Dejounte Murray trade, where they got two unprotected first-round picks in 2025 and 2027 from the Hawks plus a pick swap in 2026. Getting a virtually unprotected pick seven years from conveying may actually be more appealing to the Spurs than having two more immediate selections.