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San Antonio Spurs: Owning up to personal past predictions

By Jared Greenspan
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Future Question: What is Keldon Johnson's True Position?

Look, I get it. The game is becoming increasingly position-less. Keldon is one of the Spurs' top five players, so why does this even matter anymore? Because at the end of the day, everyone needs to guard somebody and everyone, in turn, is guarded by somebody. So answering this question is more important than it seems. Are the Spurs better with Keldon giving up a LOT of size at power forward, a LITTLE bit of size at small forward, or no size at shooting guard?

I hate to say it, but right now, Keldon Johnson is a tweener. I think he's best at the four on offense, using range, speed, shooting, and dribbling skills that make it tough for even the most mobile power forwards to contend with. But defensively, as strong as he is, I still think Johnson gives up far too much size for us to say that's where he is at his best on that end.

Instead, I like him at the small forward position where he can bully most others at that position -- and he's only going to get stronger. The truth is that while Keldon was fine defending out further than five feet, he was one of the worst on that team when within that range.

We've all seen how capable Keldon is as a rebounder. Imagine if Keldon was going against even smaller guys and had another bigger power forward alongside him and Jakob to help box out and snag boards? I think that would be game-changing for the Spurs.

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Only time will tell, and even then, it's up to Coach Popovich in order to actually run the reps to make that a reality. In the meantime, I'm just happy the Spurs have Keldon Johnson on the team in any capacity, regardless of where he is slotted.