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Spurs Open Survey: Fans choose favorite draft prospect at every spot

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Although it's unlikely they'll use them all, the San Antonio Spurs head into this Thursday's NBA Draft with four picks at their disposal. We've spent the past six months going over as many prospect options as possible, but in the end, it wouldn't be a surprise if they make some out-of-nowhere moves once again.

While we've made several predictions and stated who we'd like San Antonio to select in the hopes of improving, I've yet to turn the microphone (or keyboard) fully over to Spurs fans to hear what you guys think.

After the top five in the 2022 draft class, the general consensus among the most expert of all draft experts is that there is no consensus. That's bound to create some exciting situations in which there will be long reaches, unforeseen drops that turn into steals, and surprising moves throughout.

Still, there are general areas in which many prospects are expected to fall, even if some will end up rising or dropping on Thursday. With that established, I shared a survey on Twitter in which I grouped some prospects together that have been considered to be available at the Spurs' respective spots.

Then, I asked you to choose one and only one from each group along with your reasoning. Let's begin in reverse order, starting with the pool of players I made available in the survey for the 38th spot.

Fans choose who they want with the 2nd round pick

For prospects that may be available with the 38th pick, I chose this pool of players as options to select from:

Gabriele Procida
Ismael Kamagate
Josh Minott
Khalifa Diop
Jaylin Williams (Arkansas)

The Spurs interviewed a few of these players, including Procida and Minott, while the rest have been mocked at or around this spot and could fill a need. With 28 total fans polled, here's how the votes turned out.

Khalifa Diop - 3 votes
Ismael Kamagate - 3 votes
Josh Minott - 4 votes
Jaylin Williams - 6 votes
Gabriele Procida - 12 votes (42.8%)

"While he's not going to be a dramatic game-changer in playmaking or shot creation, he's a solid shooter with some fun athleticism," said Pounding the Rock's Ty Jager of Gabriele Procida. "He could be a great complementary piece to guys like Dejounte Murray or Josh Primo to kick out to off catch-and-shoots.

"I truly believe he has the highest ceiling of the group," added @tristenc4.

Meanwhile, Austin Smolik chose Ismael Kamagate as his favorite at 38th, citing the Spurs' need for a rim-running center as the main reason.

Twitter user @ryleyrosenbusch believes Jaylin Williams is the best choice out of this bunch. "He's another upside swing big man that can play in Austin to develop and then maybe get some minutes in San Antonio," he answered. Rosenbusch also has his eyes on John Butler as a wildcard pick at this spot, saying his handles at his size could lead to a high upside despite his need to gain some muscle.

As for my choice, my previous column highlighting Procida's potential should tell you all you need to know. The man is a lights-out shooter. That's always useful, particularly in a no-lose spot like 38th.

Next, let's jump into the Spurs' pick at 25 and see what you guys had to say.