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Spurs: Two areas of improvement for Dejounte Murray

Dejounte Murray - San Antonio Spurs v Utah Jazz
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Dejounte Murray's shooting needs to continue improving for the Spurs

Coming into the league, Dejounte Murray had shot nearly 42% from the field, 29% from beyond the arc, and only 66% from the free-throw line in his one year with the Washington Huskies. Generally speaking, there were not many good signs coming from Murray out of college that he would be able to come into the league and shoot the lights out of any building.

Being that he shot 45% from the field, nearly 32% from three, and 79% from the free-throw line this past season with the Spurs, the improvements that we've seen in Dejounte's shooting, among other things, have been very impressive to watch. Improving his free-throw efficiency by 13% since college in and of itself is not as easy of a task as one might assume, let alone improving other parts of his game along with that.

That said, Dejounte Murray still has work to do with his three-point shooting. Considering the league average is now nearly 37% from three, Dejounte is still considered to be a below-average shooter from beyond the arc. Being that he has considerably improved both his finishing ability and mid-range shooting ability in recent years though, there is increasingly little evidence that suggests Dejounte won't be able to improve his outside shooting, especially given how much he's improved on free-throws as well.

Even if Murray were to become a relatively average three-point shooter, say between 35 and 40%, this could dramatically open up the rest of his offense. If defenders were to face-guard him, he may be able to blow by them with his lightning-quick first step. If they were to give him too much space, he could knock down a three with more consistency.

For Dejounte to have all the tools to become an All-Star point guard though, he'll need to accomplish one more thing.