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Spurs: 3 Offensive issues that could spell doom if not fixed

Derrick White
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3. Lack of half-court creation can stagnate the offense

The biggest hole left by the departures of DeMar DeRozan and Rudy Gay undoubtedly comes at the offensive end, specifically shot creation.

DeRozan attempted 289 field goals after dribbling between three and six times last season and attempted 291 after seven or more. Only Dejounte Murray was even close to that figure with 281 and 279 attempts, respectively.

As the team's leader and floor general, Murray will need to continue to break down defenses whether for himself or others this season. He's taken massive strides offensively since his rookie year, and his finishing game and mid-range improvements make him a threat from most areas of the court.

Beyond Murray, Derrick White will need to take a big step forward in creating plays out of nothing. With his size and ball-handling, he's probably the most equipped to force the issue for San Antonio out of anyone.

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The preseason finale was a great sign of what the starting backcourt is capable of, as both White and Murray scored 20 pts and dished out a combined 13 assists (White 6, Murray 7). They'll need to do much more of that to avoid the Spurs falling apart in the half-court offensively.