San Antonio Spurs: No-brainer trade idea shows fans are overvaluing 12th pick

Jerami Grant
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San Antonio Spurs
Jerami Grant / Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Some San Antonio Spurs fans must re-evaluate their priorities

I get it -- obtaining new talent is exciting. I'm still of the firm belief that Devin Vassell, who the Spurs drafted 11th overall last year, has the potential to be the next big thing in San Antonio. Still, the ultimate goal is to get the best players on your roster as soon as possible.

While there are several guys in the upcoming draft capable of potentially being franchise-level guys, no one outside of Cade Cunningham and Evan Mobley is a virtual lock to be that. Jerami Grant, meanwhile, is already a proven budding star who is only getting better. Still, the majority out of over 100 Air Alamo readers voted against this trade:

As @ColemanSwierc commented on the poll, Jerami Grant is way better than people think he is. Considering the Pistons went 20-51 last season, maybe the people who voted no simply didn't watch Grant enough to make a more informed decision.

Maybe some are overvaluing the 12th pick and thinking Kai Jones will be the next coming of a Spurs superstar. Whatever the case may be, I feel that some priorities are being lost in the mix here. When you can get a player like Grant, who will be representing Team USA in Tokyo for a reason, you do so. The decision is especially easy when it only costs you a couple of picks.

Such a trade is nothing short of a pipe dream for San Antonio, but the bigger point here is that the ultimate goal is to get back to winning and start doing it as quickly as possible. Hopefully, the Spurs front office exhausts all possible avenues to improve the roster, even if that includes longshot offers and actually being active on the trade market.

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Don't expect Jerami Grant to be a Spur next season, but if anyone similar to him becomes available, you better believe San Antonio will be interested, and you should be too.