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San Antonio Spurs: No-brainer trade idea shows fans are overvaluing 12th pick

Jerami Grant
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Jerami Grant, Dorian Finney-Smith
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A Hypothetical San Antonio Spurs trade with the Detroit Pistons

I recently came across this article from Piston Powered contributor Jonah Kubicek, who proposed three NBA Draft trades Detroit could potentially make with the Spurs. The first one seemed fair enough to both sides, which went as follows:

While losing a leader and still effective bench player in Mills, the Spurs would receive a developing 3-point shooter and another pick in a deep draft.

The second proposed trade favored Detroit, in my opinion. It went as follows:

While netting the Spurs two late picks in this draft and a future first-round pick, giving up the 12th spot for that and a filler player seems a bit steep.

The third proposed trade was one that could only be described as a full-on robbery in favor of San Antonio.

Wanting to get feedback from readers like you, I turned the question to our Twitter followers, asking which trades you would personally pull the trigger on. Respectfully, let me just say I'm glad many of you aren't GMs.

I received several answers saying none, while others picked options one and two over the third proposal. I'm sorry, but isn't someone like Jerami Grant exactly what the Spurs should be hoping their newest addition will turn into?

If you haven't put it together quite yet, Grant is the hypothetical player I described earlier, as he put up 22.3 points and 4.6 rebounds on 35 percent shooting from deep for the Pistons this season. Not only was Grant far-and-away the Pistons' leading scorer and best player, but he put up those numbers at age 26, just months older than Derrick White.

Still, a follow-up poll showed me how some fans might be losing sight of the overall goal of a basketball franchise. More on that after the jump.