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San Antonio Spurs Draft: Experts answer 5 tough questions

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San Antonio Spurs NBA Draft Poll - Question 5

Of Derrick White, Keldon Johnson, and Lonnie Walker, would you include one or more in a trade package for a top 4 pick?

I'd include White only - 1 vote
I'd include Johnson only
I'd include Walker only - 3 votes
I'd include all but White
I'd include all but Johnson - 1 vote
I'd include all but Walker
All are off limits
None are off limits - 2 votes

To be rewarded handsomely, you have to pay a price. The spirit of my final question has to do with who the Spurs should be willing to part with. Undoubtedly, White, Johnson, and Walker all have bright futures in the league. Still, there a high probability one or more of them would have to be shipped in a potential trade to a top pick.

Breaking the results down, the most valuable player of the three was Keldon Johnson, who was off-limits for five of our six panelists. The results perfectly mirror what Air Alamo fans said in a recent poll asking a similar question. In that poll, nearly half of 500 people polled said Keldon shouldn't be in a trade package.

It's not surprising to see everyone so high on Keldon, especially after his breakout sophomore season followed by recent selection to Team USA. Still, I lean more toward Derrick White also being off limits, putting me in the "I'd include Walker only" camp.

While I'm still excited to see Lonnie's game continue to evolve, Derrick has already proven how devastating of a two-way player he is. The biggest issue with him, of course, is health. He needs a full, healthy season to remind everyone just how big-time he is.

Johnson's meteoric rise has also impressed me so much that I feel like he's untouchable as well unless we're talking about an incredible, can't-refuse offer from a desperate team.

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The San Antonio Spurs have a lot of questions to answer this summer, and they'll answer some when the 2021 NBA Draft takes place on July 29th at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN and ABC.