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San Antonio Spurs Draft: Experts answer 5 tough questions

Kai Jones
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San Antonio Spurs NBA Draft Poll - Question 3

Who would you take at 12th that will realistically be available? (Open-ended question)

Kai Jones - 5 votes
Franz Wagner - 1 vote
Josh Giddey - 1 vote

It looks like a majority of our panel wants to keep it in-state when it comes to the 12th pick. Our own Damien Bartonek did a fantastic job summarizing all Kai Jones has to offer last month. In his piece, he shines a spotlight on Kai's work ethic and dedication to constantly improving.

On the court, Jones would certainly bring a lot of excitement. His energy and ability to run the floor are something the Spurs haven't had at the center position in years. On top of being a rim-running big, Kai showed prowess for crashing the offensive glass at the University of Texas, grabbing two offensive rebounds per game.

When you envision guys like Keldon Johnson, Dejounte Murray, and Lonnie Walker running in the open court, it's hard not to get excited picturing someone like Jones running along with them.

While he has shown he can occasionally hit the spot-up three, I wouldn't say Kai is quite the stretch big the Spurs are still needing, but there's potential there. On the other hand, the panelist that voted for Franz Wagner believes 3-point shooting is the most important thing San Antonio needs to address this offseason. I can't blame him in thinking that either.

I side with the majority on this one yet again, but I also wouldn't be mad at taking someone like Isaiah Jackson at 12th.