San Antonio Spurs Draft: Experts answer 5 tough questions

Kai Jones
Kai Jones / Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images
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After back-to-back seasons of missing the playoffs, the San Antonio Spurs have more pressure on them this offseason than they've had in the past two decades. While fans who think the franchise is doomed for eternity are being unnecessarily dramatic, their point that this team can't stand pat once again is valid.

July 29th should be a big day for the organization. While a draft-day trade would be an unexpected but pleasant surprise, who they select with their two picks should also say a lot about the direction of the team.

Are Coach Popovich and the front office finally going to adapt to the modern game by acquiring 3-point shooting and a stretch big? Or will they be saving that to address in a free agency that has a good selection of those types?

Regarding the NBA Draft itself, there's also the question of which young talent the Spurs should be pursuing to continue their streak of excellent choices. Last year, they took Devin Vassell at 11th, who looks like he'll be yet another rising star in this league before too long.

Outside of the top three prospects, it's a wide-open field in terms of who will be landing where as the picks get closer to San Antonio's number 12. While we've been giving our thoughts on guys the Spurs should select, ultimately everyone will have to trust the front office to get it right once again.

Recently, I turned to some experts on both draft and Spurs matters with five burning questions about the 2021 NBA Draft surrounding the Silver and Black.