Murray should move up Spurs' leaderboard in these 3 categories

By Sapphires Sealey
Dejounte Murray
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1. Steals per game

This past season, Murray led the league in steals per game. He averaged 2.0 steals a game and finished the season with a total of 138. Murray's career average is 1.4 steals a game. This puts him at the 7th spot for the Spurs franchise behind Larry Kenon's average of 1.7 steals a game. Murray is known for his defensive capabilities, so there is a strong possibility that he will move up in this franchise category in the coming seasons.

When asked about leading the league in steals during the season, Murray attributed it to him just being fast. “I think that’s just me having quick hands, the vision of it, knowing how to time it,” Murray said. “I’m not in it to be the league leader. That’s just Dejounte trying to be active on both ends of the floor. If that helps us get wins, I’m going to continue to try and get better at it.”

Murray certainly knows when to go for the steal. In the 2020-21 season, Murray scored 27 points and he had a career-high eight steals in a game against the Golden State Warriors.

This past season was no different, and Gregg Popovich also took notice of how good Murray was at getting steals. "He’s got a natural ability in that area,” Popovich said. “He reads things and sees the spatial relationships. That’s all him.”

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Murray's progression in every category is due to him taking accountability for areas he lacked in previous seasons and working to be better at them. There is no doubt that Spurs' fans will continue to see him progress over the course of his career.