Spurs: Manu Ginobili's Hall of Fame career by the numbers, 20-1

Manu Ginobili
Manu Ginobili / Chris Covatta/GettyImages
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2. Manu Ginobili earns an All-Star nod both times he starts regularly

Manu Ginobili had 2 NBA All-Star appearances that just happened to coincide with the two times he started over 57 games.

Significance: This is pretty clear evidence that Manu Ginobili was always a star that sacrificed how much he shined so that the Spurs could dominate.

1. Ginobili's ability to win has no borders

When his basketball career was said and done, Manu became the only foreign-born NBA player to win a EuroLeague title, an NBA championship, and an Olympic gold medal. He is truly one of one.

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Manu is now immortalized in the Basketball Hall of Fame, and he'll forever be a hero to millions of people worldwide.