Spurs: Manu Ginobili's Hall of Fame career by the numbers, 20-1

Manu Ginobili
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14. Ginobili fills the stat sheet in the Spurs' last NBA Finals

Approaching age 37, Manu averaged 14.4 points in a five-game gentlemen's sweep of the Miami Heat in 2014. It's the last time the Spurs have been to the NBA Finals and is regarded by many as the most satisfying of all five of their titles.

Significance: Manu Ginobili and the rest of the team were able to exorcise all of their 2013 demons thanks to a super-human effort from everyone involved.

13. Manu Ginobili becomes the Spurs' best thief ever

For a long time, David Robinson held the all-time Spurs record for career steals, which was remarkable since he's a seven-footer. Eventually, Manu narrowly took that crown away, finishing his career as one of only two Spurs with over 1300 steals.

Significance: Ginobili's underrated defense made him a clutch player on both ends of the floor, and his 1,392 total steals in San Antonio will likely never be touched by anyone in the franchise going forward.

12. Manu's broken hand heals twice as fast as those of mortals

When Ginobili first broke his hand early in the 2012 season, he was expected to miss at least two months since his injury required surgery. He ended up missing just over a month.

Significance: Brent Barry didn't name Manu "El Contusion" for nothing. His desire to compete and win made him one of the toughest players the NBA has ever seen.