Spurs: Manu Ginobili's Hall of Fame career by the numbers, 20-1

Manu Ginobili
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17. Ginobili plays his part to perfection in sweep of LeBron James, Cavs

Despite coming off the bench throughout the entire 2007 NBA Playoffs, Manu Ginobili still scored 16.7 points per game as the Spurs went 16-4 to obliterate everyone that year. In the NBA Finals, he bumped that average up to 17.8 points per game, saving his best for last with 27 points in Game 4 of a sweep of Cleveland.

Significance: Manu Ginobili wins his third NBA championship, putting him in elite company with names like Larry Bird and Kevin McHale at the time.

16. Manu leads Argentina to break an impressive streak

Thanks to Manu, Argentina was the first team other than Team USA to win the gold medal in 16 years.

Significance: Argentina's feat forever changed how international basketball was viewed -- and the United States learned the hard way they couldn't get by on pure talent alone ever again. Since then, Team USA has won four straight golds, with Gregg Popovich leading the 2020 team to the win in Tokyo.

15. Manu's do-it-all game shows in the numbers

Manu Ginobili's career high in points came against the Phoenix Suns when he put up 48, but his all-around game was what made him even special. Looking at his other stats, the most assists he ever had in a game was 15, and the same number applies to his career-high for rebounds in a game. He did each of those once in his NBA career.

Significance: Manu's ability to impact the game in multiple ways made him the star he was for so long.