Spurs: Manu Ginobili's Hall of Fame career by the numbers, 20-1

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To wrap up a full week of honoring Manu Ginobili for his 2022 Basketball Hall of Fame induction, it's time to dive into some numbers.

The career accolades speak for themselves, and most people already know about the four championships, two All-Star appearances, one gold medal, and so on. While those things are worthy of shouting out, there are several other ways to honor Manu's legacy numerically.

With his No. 20 jersey now having been in the AT&T Center's rafters for three years and his Hall of Fame enshrinement now upon us, here are 20 numbers that each have a special meaning in the legend's basketball career.

20. Manu fittingly takes a supporting role to help the Spurs once again

Manu played 20.8 minutes per game in his last five seasons after turning 36, making way for Kawhi Leonard, DeMar DeRozan, LaMarcus Aldridge.

Significance: This statistic resembles something much bigger -- the fact that Manu Ginobili was ok with taking a backseat for most of his career if it translated to team success. Gregg Popovich has since said after Manu retired that he'd given him the choice to start a few years in. Manu declined for the good of the team.

19. Manu announces to the world that Team USA has competition

Manu averaged 19.3 points per game in the eight games of the 2004 Olympics, including a 29-point explosion against the United States in the Semifinals.

Significance: Manu's dominance against the United States and everyone else in his path in the 2004 Olympics let it be known to the world that international basketball had finally caught up to the States.

18. Ginobili plays a huge part in a record that will never be touched

Due in large part to Manu Ginobili's brilliance, the Spurs won 50-plus games in an unprecedented 18 straight seasons.

Significance: San Antonio's 18 straight 50-plus win seasons from 2000-2017 are easily the most by any team in NBA history, clearing the Lakers' second-best streak of 12. Ginobili played a key role on 16 of those teams, and he never lost more than 47 games in a single season.