Spurs: Was Making the Play-In Worth the Drop in Lottery Odds?

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Was making the Play-In Tournament worth it?

This is all subjective, of course. Some fans wanted the team to tank from the beginning, which was never an option for this organization. Others wanted the Spurs to go as far as they possibly could this season. The key here is to look at this from a balanced point of view. In the end, the Spurs themselves wanted to qualify for a chance to make the playoffs, and they did just that.

While passing the Lakers to make that happen did come with a few percentage points of a drop in their lottery chances, it's not really enough to make a huge difference.

When the Draft Lottery takes place and the Spurs either get lucky or don't, you're bound to see plenty of "I told you so" takes from either side.

Those advocating tanking will say they should've done so if the Spurs don't end up moving up. If the Silver and Black get lucky, those calling for the playoffs will say it didn't make a difference in the end. These hindsight takes are coming, guaranteed -- and neither of them are correct.

The Spurs accomplished at least part of what they wanted this season while also maintaining realistically good odds for a difference-making pick in the draft on June 23rd. Wherever the balls fall in the lottery, they'll still be able to adapt and make some good choices on draft day as they've done so often in the past.

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The front office put on a masterclass with the moves they did this season, and the draft will be another chance to build on that. Fighting for a play-in game didn't have a direct impact on that fact no matter what happens next month.