Spurs: 3 Ways Lonnie Walker must develop to reach next level

Lonnie Walker - Phoenix Suns  v San Antonio Spurs
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Spurs: Lonnie Walker needs to continue improving his shooting

This past season, Lonnie Walker shot a respectable 81% from the free-throw line and a decent 35% from three on just under five attempts per game. For those on the team that shot at least four threes per game, that three-point percentage is good for third-best on the team, just slightly trailing both Patty Mills and Rudy Gay.

Because Lonnie is a good free-throw shooter and his mechanics look good, and perhaps are the best-looking on the team, there is no good reason as to why he wouldn't be able to improve his shooting with more practice. Particularly on catch-and-shoot threes, he's already shooting a respectable 38% on nearly three and a half attempts per game.

Considering that Lonnie shoots nearly 39% on wide-open threes, I think that he would greatly benefit from the Spurs picking up a player either in the draft or in the free-agent market that can provide the team with more offensive rebounding. The Spurs were 27th in the league in second-chance points this past season, giving players like Lonnie very few opportunities for an open three off a rebound.

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Ultimately, this may be the most important skill for Lonnie to continue developing in the offseason given his potential to improve and the Spurs' very poor three-point shooting as a team this past season. If he is able to shoot threes consistently on more attempts next season, this could open up the rest of his offense in more ways than one.