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San Antonio Spurs: Will Lonnie Walker be offered an extension this summer?

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How much should the San Antonio Spurs offer Lonnie Walker?

The key to an extension agreement will be balancing future team needs financially with Walker's value and worth. That seems do-able, but then again, Walker could significantly increase his value this season, especially if DeMar DeRozan departs and he has a bigger role on the team.

In Bobby Marks' offseason column, he estimates an extension starting in the $10-12 million per year range. For comparison, here are some guys currently in that range:

Robert Covington: $12.1 million
Jordan Clarkson: $11.5 million
Norman Powell: $10.8 million
Joe Ingles: $10.3 million

In an offseason episode of Spurscast, longtime Spurs writer Paul Garcia gave his thought process on the situation:

"I think if it's $10-12 million, they might take that chance," said Garcia. "I'm in the maybe category. If it's for that amount, again, that's only if Lonnie would agree to it, but I'm not so sure. I feel like they still want more time to see if they can get him to be more consistent. If it's anything more than that amount, I don't think the Spurs would offer."

Garcia and guest Collin Reid both agreed that Dejounte and Derrick's extensions were offered at a time where their career were more established, whereas Lonnie is still a bit of a question mark in terms of his ceiling. It's hard to disagree with any of those points.

Ultimately, it'll be up to both sides to agree on terms that make sense for the good of the franchise and Lonnie's individual career. If no extension is offered, it could be a repeat of the Kyle Anderson situation, in which the Grizzlies' offer was too much to match.

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In the case of both Dejounte and Derrick, the Spurs waited until the last day of the offseason to extend their contracts. If San Antonio and Lonnie come to terms, I'd expect a similar timeline for such an announcement, meaning it might not be until October that we hear of a potential extension.