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San Antonio Spurs: Will Lonnie Walker be offered an extension this summer?

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Will the San Antonio Spurs offer Lonnie Walker an extension?

Obviously, the Spurs will be tight-lipped about all of their plans this summer, so the best we can do is come up with educated guesses based on past history and current feel. Let's look at what the Spurs have done recently in similar situations.

As ESPN's Bobby Marks pointed out in his offseason Spurs assessment (subscription required), San Antonio has established a pattern of extending their draft picks once they were eligible. First, Dejounte Murray received a four-year, $64 million extension in 2019. That was followed by Derrick White's four-year $70 million extension.

Marks offers his own commentary on the Lonnie situation, stating that Lonnie's emergence is another example of how strong the Spurs are at developing young players.

Given Walker's play plus the threat of so many NBA teams likely wanting his services next year, it would be a surprise to me if the Spurs didn't at least sit at the table with Lonnie and try to come up with a figure that would work for both sides.

Where the situation gets tricky is the debate Walker will likely be having in his head when it comes to talking money. He's a rising talent with loyalty, but in an NBA world where guys like Dennis Schroder are trying to command $100-$120 million in free agency, Walker could probably be paid fairly well by other teams.

At the same time, Lonnie loves San Antonio and could be tempted to take a guarantee with the team that gave him his first shot in the league, even if it's for a discount.

So what would be a fair extension for both sides?