Spurs: LeBron and Kobe fans are smearing Duncan's legacy

By Jared Greenspan
LeBron James, Tim Duncan
LeBron James, Tim Duncan / Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images
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My last piece touched on a faulty perception that’s been driving me crazy through the years, that Tim Duncan “had more help” than most legends as the leader of the San Antonio Spurs. It’s an “argument,” if you want to call it that, that never seems to stand alone, but rather is the last resort used by casual fans to belittle Duncan in support of their own favorite players. 

More help than who, you ask? Sometimes you’ll see it used by fans of other power forwards that never got past Tim Duncan. Fans of Karl Malone or Kevin Garnett use it all the time. There are also Dirk Nowitzki fans and even a few Charles Barkley or Kevin McHale fans who make similar arguments.

My "Tim Duncan is the GOAT" argument (coming soon), will counter all of these cases without needing to mention any of them.

Most people regard Duncan almost undeniably as the greatest to ever play his position. Other people know this and resign themself to silently sulking. No harm, no foul. These are not the fans that drive me crazy.

There are select groups who do, however.